During the course of one’s professional career, the thought crosses their mind that, “I wish I could just work for myself,” or they take a look at a product, service, or process and state, “there has got to be a better way.

Nearly every day, an individual with that inkling takes the leap into entrepreneurship, hoping to positively disrupt an industry, make a difference in the world, or become the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, to be remembered for something they created that did not exist before them.

Entrepreneurship Can Be Low-Risk

For many consumers, the concept of “customer service” is frustrating to the point of humor.

Even with the many advancements in digital technology today, consumers still experience lackluster resolution to often simple problems. They find themselves upset because whenever they have an issue, the in-person employee doesn’t know how to help them or they “never get to talk to a real person” when automated responses do not answer their question.

Customer service shouldn’t be this way! The solution is an Anticipatory mindset that starts with a foundational understanding that exponential digital change will only increase, and consumers’ wants and needs…

I challenge you to read this paragraph and then close your eyes and focus. Think about the future. What does it look like to you? How do you think humankind operates 20, 30, or 40 years from now? Are we even more digitally connected than we already are? What behaviors or actions are commonplace now that might be nonexistent then?

Now, open your eyes. Guess what? You’re in the future now; it’s what we all spend the rest of our lives in. That moment prior to you reading the previous paragraph has passed, and we are all one step closer…

In a classroom at every Ivy League business school, there is a professor stressing to their Business 101 students that a business is “never too big to fail.”

This has been the go-to generalization tagged to some of the most astoundingly catastrophic company failures of all time, including but not limited to Kmart, Blockbuster, Circuit City, and more. But what did these failures actually entail?

While several may assume it was some lethal combination of poor management and greed, most do not realize that more often than not, it is a direct result of a company failing to disrupt themselves…

Question for all who read this: to succeed at any business venture, you merely need to have huge resources, dedicated personnel, and a quality product or service, right? From there, it’s just collecting money and living a good life.

This presumption is more common than you realize, and could not be more wrong and misguided. In a world where exponential change and digital disruptions abound, you simply cannot rest on your laurels and merely rely on what you’ve already built. Because of the rapidly accelerating rate of change, your business is only ever as strong as its next innovation.


Both in the corporate world and private world, video conferencing has been around much longer than the wide applications implemented during the coronavirus pandemic. Take, for example, FaceTime on an iPhone; years prior to the need for us to communicate via video, we’ve had the option to do so on our smartphones and other devices. In addition to real-time video conferencing, we have had access to sharing video media as a way to advertise or communicate as early as 2004 with the dawning and growth of YouTube.

In a corporate setting, audio visual equipment for both conferencing and filming is…

Just like the Bitcoin boom of late 2017, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other forms of cryptocurrency are starting to gain constant notoriety in the media. At this point, those who do understand what cryptocurrency is realize the disruptive nature of the concept and how it can upend the banking and financial industry.

I recently wrote an article about how governments around the world are starting to adopt the concept of a digital currency that would replace cash, the United States being one of them, as cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is created by a private entity, extremely volatile, and is similar to gold.

When it comes to the concept of digital transformation, we should really be focused on the term transformation. Your competitive advantage depends on how you define the terms change and transformation, as the vast majority of leaders believe they are transforming a process, a product, or a service when they are really just changing it.

Predominantly, this is because most don’t know the difference between transformation and change. Let’s dive into the differences between these two competencies.

Anticipation and Transformation Are Offensive Strategies

COVID-19 was certainly not the only virus to sweep both the nation and the world in the past year. Virtual viruses descended on a few major industries, generating a level of panic that created shortages of gas and beef while spreading misinformation like wildfire.

In a world where digital exponential change accelerates tremendously, cyber threats are no longer a frustrating obstacle that only individuals face. While the ease of large-scale connectivity is appealing, our vital systems in place are now more delicate than we realize.

Through my Anticipatory Leader System, I teach competencies to train C-suite executives and business leaders…

When Bitcoin debuted in 2009, I published an article making a few predictions using my Hard Trend Methodology that have proven to be highly accurate. While I stated that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology represented a Hard Trend that would grow exponentially, it is time to discuss the next Hard Trend: digital currency

You likely have heard of cryptocurrency, but how is digital currency different? Believe it or not, there is a vital difference. …

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