Accelerate Growth Using Hard Trends

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Certain mindsets and ways of thinking are genuinely habit forming. Taking years of successful growth for granted is one of them.

Companies and organizations often inadvertently stunt their own success by making certain assumptions when it comes to growth. For example, let’s say your company has been growing by 8% a year for the past 10 years. It would be easy to assume that you will grow 8% next year. I find this sort of assumption about growth all too often. Or you might increase your growth target incrementally each year, once again making an assumption about growth — in this case that incremental growth is all your organization is capable of.

Breaking through those attitudes and assumptions requires a very different kind of thinking. By learning to separate the Hard Trends that will happen because they are based on future facts from the Soft Trends that might happen because they are based on various levels of assumptions, you can learn to become anticipatory in both your planning and execution and discover new and powerful ways to accelerate your growth and success.

A Recession Hangover

A few years back, when the overall economy was struggling, so, too, were all sorts of businesses and organizations. Justifiably so. A sour economic environment made growth almost a superfluous pipe dream — for many the goal was survival and little more than that.

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