Balancing the Digital Age: Redefining Success in an Era of Connectivity and Burnout

Daniel Burrus
5 min readNov 9, 2023

I focus quite a bit of my research on how to help all businesses and organizations accurately anticipate the digital disruptions heading their way.

I also discussed the importance of leaders finding the best ways to retain employees via incentives, involvement in innovation, and recognition of their fullest potential and future at the company.

But in addition to all of this, I connect with the other side of that coin, discussing the best ways in which leaders in a position to help employees recognize their own greatness do so in an Anticipatory fashion. This is accomplished time and again not only by creating a culture of searching for and leveraging Hard Trends with my Hard Trend Methodology, but by fostering that united Futureview® of positive disruption and creative critical thinking.

But what if I were to say that even though these efforts have proven to be successful over the course of my career, there is yet another characteristic of professional growth that is being overlooked in today’s rapidly accelerating digital age?

And Anticipatory Leaders, please be sure to take the following blog post into account as well. This directly relates to how you can retain your valued employees apart from offering them pay increases and other incentives.

The Stigma of “Slowing Down”

The Hard Trend of accelerating digital connectivity sparked a professional and personal culture that most have unknowingly adapted to.

Dating as far back as the personal computer and our access to the Internet in the ’90s, the speed at which we have access to information retrieval has transformed human behavior. Our conversation starters went from “Do you think” to “Did you know” in many cases, which perhaps made for more interesting dialogue at family dinners and other gatherings.

Years later, the smartphone entered our lives, and suddenly we became a culture of fact-checkers and digital socialites, sharing every drink we take and every move we make on…



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