Beating Cybercrime Before It Happens To You

The increase of high profile data breaches has recently put cyber security on the map.

To understand why cybercrime is rapidly growing, as well as the seriousness and impact it can have, we need to compare it with the more traditional and visible aspects of street crime. If we were to break it down into the business language that we all understand, what is the ROI of crime both online and offline?

Robbing a physical bank does offer potential rewards to criminals, but at a very high level of risk including getting shot. There will most likely be witnesses and CCTV footage that will increase your chances of getting arrested or jailed. There are usually helpers who can also be caught or killed including a get-a-way car driver and people who will give you cash in unmarked bills for whatever you have taken; you get the idea, the list often goes on.

Online crime on the other hand is a different story offering much lower risk and much greater reward. For example, cybercrimes are not usually detected right away, sometimes taking weeks or months to discover. There is a lack of eyes observing the act, and because it is often carried out from another country, it is notoriously difficult to track and locate online criminals.

Legal systems throughout the world differ significantly, and even if online criminals are caught, the likelihood of being able to extradite them is not as easy as authorities would like. When looking at crime through business eyes, it’s easy to see why online criminal activity is the fastest growing crime in America.


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