Daniel Burrus’ Top 20 Technology Hard Trends Shaping The Future

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There has never been a shortage of trends, and it’s predictable that, as we near the end of every year, a new batch of trends will be published. The real problem for you is figuring out which ones will happen. I have been publishing a list of top trends since 1983, and if you have been a subscriber to my newsletter for decades, you know they have been highly accurate. The reason for this is the methodology that I developed back then, which separates what I call Hard Trends, the trends that will happen, from Soft Trends, the trends that might happen. Knowing their distinctions can make all the difference; and this year’s Top 20 List is no exception.

I have been writing about each one for many years, but to make it on my annual list, they have to be developed enough for you to apply them to exponentially grow your business. Each is growing at an increasingly exponential rate. As such, they will all impact our lives, both personally and professionally, in the coming year and beyond.

These trends highlight enormous, game-changing opportunities in a broad array of applications and industries. I hope the New Year affords you the opportunity to leverage the remarkable promises they all offer.

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