Embracing the Future: The Transformation of Education through AI and EdTech — Part 2

Daniel Burrus
5 min readJul 13

In part 1 of this article, we diagnosed a reality of many digital disruptions, especially those pertaining to automation in the education industry: Technology will NOT replace humans, but only give them a greater opportunity to leverage their tactile, human skills to find new roles in the world.

In such a hands-on, human sector as education, educators, administrators, and leaders alike should not fear the current influx of autonomous software like ChatGPT but instead, use an anticipatory mindset coupled with their human competencies to adapt autonomous software and think critically and creatively about letting it handle the simple, otherwise arduous tasks.

In doing so, professionals in education can better foster the ability for students to learn the skill of application and in turn, how they themselves can adapt to the world around them. The best part? All of this cannot be replicated by AI, autonomous software, or machine learning (ML) whatsoever!

AI Is Restricted, but Educators Are Not!

So where do humans excel in the humanization of automation? In my research, there are 12 common competencies that are difficult — if not impossible — for current AI and autonomous software to master. These are the areas where teachers ultimately and indefinitely thrive.

Here is a brief look at each of these 12 competencies. While reviewing them, open your mind and put up your opportunity antenna to target where they may be applicable in your own field of work, if not in education:

  1. Adaptability and Agility — Opposite of anticipation; this refers to reacting quickly in unforeseen circumstances and still using them to your advantage.
  2. Anticipatory Skills — Anticipating problems and pre-solving them before they happen, learning how to anticipate disruptions, and getting better at being the disruptor.
  3. Meaningful Communication — Communication is a two-way, dynamic dialog that leads to learning and action, rather than a process of…
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