Machine Learning-Powered Chatbots Move Beyond Apps

Users are looking for more than the humble SMS text message to communicate with friends and family. Our communication requirements now demand group messaging capabilities with the ability to seamlessly share an image or video on the move.

Google Allo Stages Messaging App Competition

Apple’s iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger are leading the way, but the recent release of Google Allo suggests that messaging has become the new tech battleground. Our love affair with mobile apps is changing because we have so many, often over 50, yet on average we only actually use five of them on a regular basis.

Searching for an app that is hidden in a folder of apps on page 3 of our phones is no longer deemed productive in an age of instant gratification. Our quest for personalization and simplicity has the potential to make 99 percent of apps in their current form completely irrelevant over the next couple of years. Machine learning-powered chatbots are starting to bring a relatively new concept called conversational commerce to life.


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