The Anticipatory Entrepreneur

Agility and Anticipation — Two Sides of a Powerful Strategy Coin

There are two sides to a coin and two sides to a successful strategy to turn change into opportunity. One side of the strategy coin is Agility — learning to react quickly to problems after they happen and disruptions after they occur. Agility is a very important strategy because there will always be changes that are not predictable. Reacting quickly to change and disruption provides a competitive advantage over slower competitors, but because it is a reactionary strategy, you will continue to experience disruption and will not make the shift to becoming a disruptor. Because technology-driven change is accelerating at an exponential rate, the competitive advantage of reacting quickly after something happens will have decreasing value every year.

To Anticipate, Use Hard Trends

Developing an anticipatory mindset and learning to apply anticipatory skills can open enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs of all sorts.

Certainty and Pre-Mortems

Another strategy for an anticipatory entrepreneur is what I refer to as a Pre-Mortem. Most every business and organization conduct postmortems. To varying degrees, these are reviews of product or service launches, projects, campaigns and other activities after they have been in place for a while or completed, whether successfully or otherwise. The goal is to identify what went right, what went wrong and what adjustments, if any, should be implemented moving forward.

Make Change and Disruption Your Biggest Advantage

One of the overriding topics in my Anticipatory Model is the prevalence of change — more specifically, how it is constant and increasing in speed at an exponential rate. Consider a supercomputer using artificial intelligence as a prime example. You may think you don’t have access to a powerful supercomputer yet, but by asking Siri or Alexa a question, you’re as close to a supercomputer as you would be if it were physically in your own home.



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