The “Great Resignation” Started with COVID-19, but Ends with a Future-Facing Culture

Daniel Burrus
4 min readSep 29, 2022

Competitive advantage is highly sought after in the professional world. To many, it represents career success, organizational growth, and even that ever-elusive change that CEOs and entrepreneurs look to make in their industries and worldwide.

Debuting groundbreaking products or services that have never before existed is what most business leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations as a whole tend to focus on; however, the truth is that organizational culture is what provides the biggest competitive advantage in any industry! Company culture cannot be stolen or duplicated by a competitor, but by not prioritizing it, you as a business leader, manager, or executive can drastically stunt the growth of your employees and organization as a whole.

I spoke with a close colleague of mine — Roxanne Emmerich, CEO of The Emmerich Group — for a recent Opportunity Hour about how to properly elevate company culture and in turn, how doing so will rapidly move the profit and growth needles forward in sustainable ways.

Too Much Turnover Is Caused by Disjointed Organizational Culture

Roxanne is a transformation expert, having written a New York Times bestseller titled Thank God It’s Monday! offering guidance on creating workplaces that employees love.

In her research to write this bestseller that has transformed the way several organizations approach elevating workplace culture and growth, Roxanne discovered that many employees believe their performance is top-tier even though their productivity, joy, and desire to stay at their organization have faded. Roxanne refers to it as “rocking their jobs,” but the fundamental problem of workplace culture is that stats such as resignations and turnover do not reflect this positivity.

People change jobs in droves these days, with nearly 47 million leaving their jobs voluntarily in 2021! Resignations often pertain to quitting their bosses and companies, not their jobs or careers. Too often the problem of disjointed workplace culture and resulting turnover falls on the individual, especially younger generations. But as much as I discuss in my Anticipatory Leader System regarding problem skipping…

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