Watch These Three Trends, Act Accordingly, and See Your Business Excel

Daniel Burrus
4 min readApr 28, 2022

Did you know that most people in this world react to change as it comes at them? I’m sure this does not necessarily come as a surprise to you, especially if that’s how you respond to changes to your status quo. Changes are uncomfortable already, so why adjust what you are doing when you don’t have to?

Because equally as indisputable as the aforementioned concept of reacting to change that gets thrown at you, whether you are a business leader, business owner, or an employee who does their job and clocks out at the end of the day, changes impact everyone no matter what. And now with quickly accelerating technology disrupting nearly everything about our lives, preserving the status quo of both your career and everyday life is difficult at best.

To answer the question from above, “Why should I change what I am doing if it is working?” it is because you will be disrupted sooner or later. Even if it doesn’t pertain to changes in your career, change in your personal life will shake up your leisure time as well.

While most people try to change alongside something that comes at them in seemingly unpredictable fashion, I want to help you see change before it occurs and discover the simple ways in which you can pre-solve the problems they may cause you before they ever happen.

The Concept of Changes from the Outside In

This is how change traditionally occurs for many of us each day. Something disrupts us, seemingly out of our control, and makes for an obstacle we have to quickly overcome to get “back to good,” so to speak.

A simple way to understand this is your shoe becoming untied while on a jog. You tie your shoes, start your phone timer, and take off running, only to notice your left lace becoming loose with every step. Before long, you have to stop, tying it while trying to regulate your breathing, and then taking off again.

In both professional and personal circumstances, I have found several different ways that change affects us from the outside in. Here is a deeper look into three specific ways this takes place:

New Laws Being Passed: Something we cannot fight, especially in the United States, is the…

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