What’s Causing The Retail Apocalypse?

According to estimates by the real-estate firm CoStar Group — in 2017, retailers closed 102 MILLION square feet of store space. 📉

Then, 2018 smashed that record by closing another 155 million square feet . 2019 was another record setter, with more than 7,100 more stores closed completely.

It’s not a mystery that online stores like Amazon are a major cause of brick and mortar closures across the country, but what is surprising is just how unprepared so many businesses were for this dramatic change in consumer behavior.

In my new webinar series, ANTICIPATORY IMPERATIVES, I explore Disruptive Trends all around the world and what to do now. I will explain the disruptive technology and business model shifts that led to this rapidly changing market, and I will explain why companies who rely on being “Agile and Lean” are no longer safe. The truth is, the vast majority of the companies that are growing rapidly over the past few years have gone beyond being agile to become much more anticipatory.

Curious to learn more? Click the link below to join us on February 14th!


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