Why Organizations Need to Take Trust, Security and Privacy Seriously

In this high-tech world driven by technology, change and disruption, we should never forget the human component. Ultimately, the world is ruled by relationships that can be both good and bad.

Trust has always been important, but in a connected social world, its value is elevated. Consider trust as the new currency; it is earned through demonstrations of honesty, integrity and delivering on promises. Breaking this trust will cause businesses to lose profitability. Meanwhile, governments will lose the votes of those who feel betrayed.

For as long as we can remember, we have received junk mail, and over the years it has evolved into spam email. Much of this marketing spam is in reality failed communication — valuable mail that went to the wrong guy. I do not want to receive junk mail. But I do want to receive relevant and useful communication.

Without the right context, the marketing messages are meaningless. These marketers simply didn’t know anything about me. To someone who has no interest in sailing or gets sick on a boat, a mailshot for a sailboat is immediately deemed as junk. However, technology now allows companies to build a profile based on past purchases, social interaction and search history to ensure that we only receive relevant content. Is this such a bad thing?

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